5th June 2017

La PrairieCellular Swiss Ice Crystal Cream


From La Prairie - the luxury Swiss beauty company revered for its collection of powerful, anti-aging products - comes Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Cream. This is the latest, innovative addition, to the world-renown collection of cult skin care products – a line that includes the luxuriously divine Skin Caviar Luxe and Cellular Cream Platinum Rare, moisturisers which are coveted by many around the world.

In the creation of Ice Crystal Cream, La Prairie has ‘merged science with nature’ resulting in an ‘age-delaying formula which enhances skin hydration’. To accomplish this, La Prairie employ sustainable cultivation of snow algae and the glacial plants soldanella alpine and purple saxifrage. These extreme-survivalist plants are subsequently fermented to harvest their climate-hardy properties, which are then implemented within the moisturiser with the goal of improving skin’s resilience. By providing extreme hydration and protection, skin is fortified to withstand the assaults of environment and lifestyle related ageing such as UV light, lack of sleep, stress and pollution. Over time skin is said to become softer, more supple and appears firmer and visibly luminous.


Glacial plants aside, a closer look at the formula list shows the cream has some great ingredients, particularly pertinent to hydrating the skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Ginseng Root Extract: gives the skin a boost to help it appear energised and has anti-inflammatory properties;
Amino Acids: control moisture balance;
Sodium Hyaluronate: the sodium salt of hyalauronic acid – an anti-ageing treatment which gives skin volume and plumps out wrinkles by holding onto water, keeping skin moist and supple. Sodium hyaluronate particles are smaller then hyaluronic acid’s and so can travel to the deeper layers of the skin where it has a more powerful effect.
Pentapeptide-34 Trifluoroacetate ‘peptide Q-10’: a bioengineered anti-aging peptide designed to enhance the skin’s natural antioxidant defence.
Lactic Acid: improves skin texture as it is a member of the well-know exfoliant family of alpha hydroxyl acids (AHA). Soluble Collagen: rejuvenate skin cells Calcium Pantothenate: is the water-soluble salt of Pantothenic acid. It maintains the moisture level of the skin and stimulates cell growth.
Silica: assists in skin repair.
Shea butter: although not high on the ingredients list, the presence of this ingredient might mean this cream is a no-no for those prone to break outs. Personally speaking, my combination skin didn’t suffer any problems whilst using it, but if you know shea butter clogs your pores it is probably best avoided - or get a sample from your local La Prairie counter to try at home before making up your mind.

The Results

The texture of Ice Crystal Cream is actually a gel-cream hybrid and, although rich, it glides onto the skin, melting in like butter, it is not heavy and does not sit upon the skin but instead is satisfyingly silky and absorbs quickly.

Fine lines and wrinkles appear plumped and skin looked brighter and hydrated. Living up to its claim of assisting skin to fight daily extremes, the moisturiser helped my skin make the transition from cold winter (-11˚C in Prague) to gloriously hot May (swelteringly so in London) with ease. At no point did my skin feel too dry or too oily, but instead felt balanced, and, happy. My make-up approved of it too with no visible sliding throughout the day. This moisturiser is a great all-rounder that is now a staple of my beauty cabinet.

Additional Products

To complement the Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Cream, is the Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Dry Oil. This can be used alone or mixed with the Ice Crystal Cream to further enhance skin hydration due to the oil’s humectant properties. I use it a night with the cream but also tested it by itself for a while to write an accurate review. Although an oil, it isn’t greasy and absorbs into the skin quickly. On waking, my skin seemed plumped and felt soft to the touch. Don’t be afraid of this if you suffer from breakouts as some of the ingredients – such as Rosemary leaf extract - can help alleviate spots, treating the problem areas by acting as an anti-bacterial. A word of caution, it does contain Geraniol so avoid this if you have a perfume allergy. Like the Ice Crystal Cream, the Dry Oil also contains the aforementioned glacial plants and snow algae, so is thus too comprised of the anti-aging patent-pending complex. Apply a couple of drops in AM or PM after serum, and with or without mixing with moisturiser and enjoy.

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